Weekly Course Schedule - Fall 2019

Subject to Change (and often does)

Homework is due on the day listed in the manner listed. There are computers in the classroom, but you are welcome to bring your personal laptop to each class. Also be sure to check our Blackboard (BB) course.

Additional Links/E-Lit Pieces You May Want to Check Out: 2018 Digital Writers Festival // Electronic Literature Collection // Electronic Literature Organization // Digital: A Love Story // Dirty Concrete // The Poetry Map // Applied Poetics

Dates Links Homework
Week 1

T 8/27
TH 8/29
John Cage, 4'33"

Noah Wardrip-Fruin's Screen demo

Stained Word Window by Deena Larsen

Ask Me For the Moon by John David Zuern

Create an
Evernote Account.

T: No homework.

TH: Write a brief reflection on digital creative writing and this class. Bring in to class. The prompt was sent by email, and is under Announcements on Blackboard.

Read "The Cut Up Method" by William Burroughs and create one or more experiments using the techniques (and digital versions of the techniques) using Language is a Virus tools. Add experiment to your Evernote Journal.
Week 2

T 9/3
TH 9/5
Lanuage is a Virus

Telescopic Text & Writing It

Stephanie Strickland's Ringing in the Changes - Volunteers Needed
T: Watch Everything's a Remix Part 1 & Read E-Lit Piece "Faith" by Robert Kendall. Create first mimetic response and bring in to class by putting in Evernote (if that makes sense for your medium).

TH: Read: "Ballad of Sand and Harry Soot" by Stephanie Strickland. & Deena Larson's "Breathing Into the Galaxy's Edges"
Week 3

T 9/10
TH 9/12

T: Read "But I Know What I Like" by Robert Kendall.

Post a draft of Experimental Mini Project in Discussion Board on BlackBoard for mini workshop

TH:Read Image/Aesthetic E-Lit Pieces & create a mimetic response and put in Smashjournal. Read: "A Study in Shades" by Robert Kendall & Loss of Grasp by Serge Bouchardon

Have Neocities site up and running.
Week 4

T 9/17
TH 9/19

Motions by Hazel Smith

TH: In-class E-Lit Presentations
T: Experimental Mini Project and How to Read and Reflection due to BB by class time.

TH: E-Lit Review #1 & small group presentation materials due by class time. (Make sure to post E-Lit URL and creative prompts to Discussion Board on BB)
Week 5

T 9/24
TH 9/26
Public Secrets by Sharon Daniel & Erik Loyer. T: Bring in at least one mimetic response to the E-Lit Presentations (in Evernote if appropriate for your medium)

Read entire "Navigating Electronic Literature" by Jessica Pressman

TH: Watch Patchwork Girl Part 1 (whole thing) & Patchwork Girl Part 2 (first 4 minutes) and Read: "High Muck a Muck: Playing Chinese" by Fred Wah, et al.
Submit 500-word analysis on navigation in these pieces due by class time to BB.
Week 6

T 10/1
TH 10/3
Forthcoming T: Read "17776" by Jon Bois and submit 2 Discussion Questions (DQs) with explanations to BB. Note: This piece is the equivalent of a novella (or ~120 pages). Allow at least 3-6 hours for reading time, depending on your reading speed. There will be a short in-class quiz.

TH: Bring in mimetic response to "17776" - post in Evernote if appropriate for medium). Due by class time.
Week 7

T 10/8
TH 10/10
TH: No Class - Attend Fall for the Book T: Read two of the following pieces:
Temple of No
Depression Quest
Howling Dogs

TH: No class Attend Stephanie Strickland discussion and one other Fall for the Book talk of your choice to complete the FftB Reflection due next week. You may use a third Fall for the Book event as your extra credit assignment if you'd like.
Week 8

T 10/15
TH 10/17
T: No Class - Monday classes Meet

Sea Voyage Bot | Space Travel Bot | BottyHorror

How to make a Twitter bot using Google Spreadsheets

Cheap Bots Done Quick

A Big List of Bot Making Resources

I Love E-Poetry: Bots

ELC List of Bots
T: Work on Project 2

TH: Find and bring in the handle of a Twitter Bot you find interesting.

Fall for the Book reflection due to BB by class time.

Sign up for required conferences.
Week 9

T 10/22
TH 10/24
T: In-class Peer Review

TH: No class - required conferences
T: Post full draft of Project 2 to BB discussion board by class time. Late submissions lose 5% or 11.25 points off the project grade. Twine projects must be uploaded to your Neocities site first. Post the link to your Neocities site/project on Blackboard.

TH: Attend required conference. Come with questions.
Week 10

T 10/29
TH 10/31
T: In-class mini workshop

TH: 3rd Generation E-Lit by Leonardo Flores

3rd Generation Electronic Literature Lecture by Leonardo Flores
T: Choose 1 focus for your mini workshop and post to BB by 11:59 p.m. on Monday, 10/28. Come to class prepared with questions for your peers.

TH: Project 2 + How to Read + Reflection due by 11:59 p.m. to BB. Note: Twine projects must be uploaded to your Neocities site first. Post the link to your Neocities site/project on Blackboard. *PowerPoint will not load on Neocities. Submit to BB only.*
Week 11

T 11/5
TH 11/7
Hexidecimal Code

Lossy by Rachel Rossin

Primal Tourism by Jakob Kudsk Steensen

"Explore Text_Ocean"

Vocable Code by Winnie Soon

Bitsy Tutorial and Launch page
T: Watch: "I Heart E-Lit Poetry: Read E-Lit Pieces: Discovering Digital Media Poetry" Ted Talk from timestamp 4:05 - 12:15

Read E-Lit Pieces: "Code Movie 1", "Birds Singing Other Birds' Songs".

Note: This is the last day you may turn in your 2nd E-Lit Review with mimetic response (by class time).

TH: Watch 2 or 3 episodes of Season 1 of "The New Adventures of Peter & Wendy" and explore the rest of the online "world."

Brief Project 3 Proposal due to BB by class time.
Week 12

T 11/12
TH 11/14
Information on Fair Use

Poetry Best Practices

More Leonardo Flores on E-Lit

About Lost Pig

Lost Pig - The Game
T: Forms Portfolio due to BB by class time.

TH: Put a creative commons license on your Neocities site by class time.

Sign up for required conference.
Week 13

T 11/19
TH 11/21
T: In-Class Peer Review

TH: No class- Required conferences
T: Project 3 draft due to BB by class time. (Late drafts receive a 5% penalty on the final submission) Twine projects must be uploaded to Neocities page, then linked from there to BB

TH: No Class - attend required conferences. Come prepared with questions.
Week 14

T 11/26
TH 11/28
T: No class - required conferences

TH: No class - Thanksgiving Break
T: Attend required conference. Come prepared with your questions
Week 15

T 12/3
TH 12/5
T: In-class mini workshops & Intro to Literary Magazines TH:

TH: Publication Discussion & class wrap up
T: Choose one focus for your Project 3 mini workshop, and post to BB by 11:59 p.m. Monday, 12/2, and come prepared with questions for your peers.

TH: Lit Mag Review due to BB by 11:59 p.m.

Project 3 + How to Read + Reflection due Monday, December 9 by 11:59 p.m. to BB. No late submissions will be accepted. Twine projects must be uploaded to Neocities page, then linked from there to BB.

Your Neocities site should also be finalized at this time, too.
Final Exam Period Tuesday, 2/17 - 1:30 p.m. - 4:15 p.m. We will not be having a final exam; however, I reserve the right to use this time if we need it. If this is the case, you will receive ample notice.